Stainless Steel Shelves

Stainless Steel Shelves

  • Item Name: Stainless Steel Shelves
  • Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Finish: Brushed/Polished/Customized
  • Thickness: 1.0mm/Customized
  • Anti-scratch, anti-oil, anti-bacterial
  • Certificate:ISO9001:2008
  • Inspection: IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
  • Package: Carton, Foam(standard export packing)printing your LOGO is available, special packing is also available

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Stainless Steel Shelves Commercial

Metal cabinets such as stainless steel shelves are usually found in professional kitchens. They are used to store utensils for serving and other kinds of kitchen equipment. Even though metal shelves are not usually seen in many kitchen designs, they do have a special position. Stainless steel shelves and cabinets have many things to offer. Stainless steel is often seen in the sink, the backsplash, countertops, cupboards and is the preferred kitchen appliance material.


Things to Look for the Best Stainless Steel Shelves


Metal shelves such as those made from stainless steel have many advantages and few disadvantages. Modern home kitchens are now using metal shelves and cabinets on the design planning. They can be seen in private homes and are interesting and aesthetically appealing. Using stainless steel as a material in the household furniture creates a modern look or urban interior.


Many people may think that using stainless steel furniture in their homes lacks harmony, comfort, and coziness. While this can be true, this problem can be resolved by combing stainless steel with other elements such as plastic or wood which will result in coziness, warmth, and soften the metallic sheen.


Benefits of Stainless Steel Shelves


Stainless steel shelves are long-lasting and durable. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly as steel is recyclable. Innovations in the fabrication industry have allowed stainless steel to be designed by cutting, welding, molding, and processing like the traditional steel and other types of metals. Steel is also resistant to corrosion, and this is an edge when talking about kitchen cabinetry. Food preparation involves processes of using acids, a lot of water and you don’t have to worry about splashes of water or the lemon juice spilling over the cabinet or rack.


Another reason why stainless steel shelf is the best option for your kitchen storage needs is that it can resist extremely high temperature and at the same time recognized for its antimicrobial properties. Steel does not have pores, resistant to dirt and does not crack. These are the reasons why stainless steel is the first choice for kitchens, restaurants, and hospitals.


The aesthetic appeal of stainless steel cabinets and shelves makes them perfect for modern interior designs because of their shiny and attractive look. Stainless steel can be combined with other materials such as wood and used in designing various interior designs. Stainless steel works best with glass, wood, leather, stone, painted surfaces, and the list goes on. Steel can emphasize the geometric shapes of kitchen furniture and appliances.


If stainless steel has a disadvantage, that would be the price. It is not cheap but available in affordable price depending on the steel gauge, weight, and design. Also, it is susceptible to scratching. However, this can be avoided if you refrain from placing sharp objects on them.


Notable Features of Stainless Steel Shelves
Stainless steel furniture and appliances have become a staple in the restaurant industry and commercial kitchens for many years due to their easy to clean and rugged construction. This is the primary reason why end users are turning to stainless steel so they can experience the same benefits in their homes. Here the essential features of stainless steel shelves and cabinets.


Durable – Kitchen shelves must carry heavy objects, and stainless steel can do this job.


Long Lasting – Shelves and cabinets should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of busy use of kitchen at home. Your shelves will not easily scratch when hit by a sharp object or accidental collisions with utensils or cooking tools. It will not rust despite storing damp equipment on it. This can make your shelves look new longer.


Easy to Clean – Stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean. Simply wipe off spills or dull polish surface using water and a clean rag. You must use lukewarm water and mild soap if you want to keep your stainless steel shelves shiny and tidy.


Dirt and Germs Resistant – Because its non-porous, it is resistant to lingering bacteria and gems compared to plastic and wood surfaces. Its antimicrobial properties make steel perfect home settings with pets and children. To make sure you create a safe area for food processing for your family, use a disinfectant cleaner to sanitize the surface.


Flexibility- Stainless steel can match any décor. Its neutral look allows it to complement almost all home settings. Whether you have marble countertops, granite cupboards, wooden cabinets, or laminate table, stainless steel shelve can blend seamlessly.


Coordinate Easily – Due to its increasing popularity, stainless steel can easily coordinate with other appliances at home. You can find handles, knobs, drawers, cabinets, and appliances made with steel elements. You may also install stainless steel faucet, sinks, or backsplash to provide your kitchen a modern look.


Additional Features of Stainless Steel Shelves


Can be used in any kitchen design.
Available in different sizes and designs
Sold almost in every home improvement stores and online stores
Extended warranty from dealers and manufacturers
Easy to use
No complicated installation processes


Stainless steel shelves are not just limited to kitchen use. You may also buy stainless steel shelves to add more storage to your bathroom or toilet for keeping it neat and clutter-free. In your bedroom to store your personal belongings in one place, or in the living room to provide ample storage space for your appliances and decors.


Admit it, stainless steel is expensive because of is durability and stability. The fabrication process of stainless steel which involves so many processes makes more expensive.


However, the price is not the bases for determining the best shelves for you. The best stainless steel shelves are those that meet your needs without you having to break your bank. This means that you should consider your needs the space that you have for the shelves. What’s the point of having attractive and durable shelving if it’s taking up almost the entire space in your kitchen or room? You must make sure that it gives you enough storage space without being too huge for your kitchen.


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Stainless Steel Shelves Application For Various Industries

Stainless Steel Shelves

What are stainless steel shelves you may ask? What are their uses and benefits? If you want to know more about these products, keep on reading.

Using a shelving rack in your residential and commercial property offers you with the benefit of organization most easily and possible. Industrial shelving is a common choice. This is dependent on the taste of the person who will utilize it.

To some, the applications of stainless steel shelves are the best option. It’s known to be able to survive the elements and the wear and tear over the years of use. Also, this can be placed in any area or room of your choice. Maintenance is also a relatively simple and easy factor. Occasional dusting around the surfaces and sweeping under it is a simple task. And if the color eventually wears out, you can give it a fresh coat of paint.

Are Stainless steel shelves durable? Yes, they are known to be tougher than those made of wood. While the applications of wooden shelves have become popular as it offers a sophisticated look to the room, it’s not primarily made to withstand the elements. Stainless steel shelves compared to those made of wood are easy to transport as they are collapsible. So, meaning it can be easily transported and assembled as needed. This gives you the advantage of not having to worry about the clearance height of the door as you bring the shelf inside. Also, it will provide you with the chance to set it up on one side of the wall and professionally place your items in each shelf.


Creating stainless steel shelves involves a lot of work, science, and technology. Even if there are almost billions of users of these shelves all over the world, there are remarkably few who know what goes into creating stainless steel shelves from scratch. The making process is indeed meticulous and fascinating, and it provides an insight into how far the capability of people to make materials has evolved since the early times of the industrial revolution.

Here are steps in the manufacturing process of stainless steel shelves:


The raw components which constitute stainless steel shelves are put as one and melted in an electric furnace. Powerful heat is used rigorously for eight to twelve hours during this process. After melting, the molten steel is molded or cast into desired semi-finished forms.


The semi-finished shapes will go into a series of forming operations. Like for example, the stainless steel is heated and passed in large rolls. The billets and blooms are transformed into wires and bar. On the other hand, the slabs are made into sheets, plates, and strips. It is extremely common to turn semi-finished steel forms into bars because it’s the most versatile form of stainless steel. The reason why it’s versatile is that it comes in all sizes and grades. You have square, octagonal, round as well as hexagonal bars, each appropriate for a diverse kind of use.

Heat Treatment

The various forms of stainless steel undergo a detailed annealing process during heat treatment. Annealing is a process with the material is heated and cooled in a controlled setting. This process aims to ease the pent up pressure in the steel and soften it to make it more appropriate for an extensive array of users.

The people doing the annealing process need to be extra careful on controlling the conditions because even the smallest changes in the pressure, temp, duration, and cooling rate could lead to a defective product.


Next is descaling, during the heating treatment process, a specific number of scale appears on the surface of the material. This can be eliminated utilizing many different procedures which are collectively called as descaling. Pickling is a conventional method of doing the descaling process.


A semi-finished, heat treated and descaled steel forms are cut into desired shapes. Mechanical cutting is done with the assistance of guillotine knives, blanking, nibbling as well as high-speed blades.


This is the last step in making stainless steel shelves. Finishing is used to help the product obtain its signature aesthetically appealing look. This process is required to make the product smooth as well as easier to clean that is a major requirement in sanitary applications.


Cutting stainless steel is more challenging compared to cutting other types of metals as of how durable and tough it is. Luckily, using the best and appropriate tools, it is easy for you to cut stainless steel it doesn’t matter if it is a tube, sheet or any form.
How to Cut Stainless Steel Sheets

Circular Saw

This is a handheld power saw that has a circular blade. Using this tool, you can easily and quickly cut stainless steel. Just ensure to obtain a circular saw which can cut through stainless steel sheet which is thick as yours is.

Diamond Saw Blade

A diamond saw blade is powerful than other types of blade you can utilize with a circular saw. Stainless steel is harder to cut than other types of metals so that you will need something strong and powerful like a diamond blade.

Clamp the stainless steel sheet down to a work table

Avoid trying to cut the material without holding it down, or it can shift when you are cutting it. Utilize a clam to tighten, to secure the stainless steel sheet to the working table. The clamps you are using must be tight enough which the sheet metal does not shift at all.

Make sure to wear gloves and eyewear while you are using the circular saw.

If you are trying to cut a perfectly straight line, put a framing square on sheet metal and then press it against the flat base on the circular saw. As you are cutting, make sure they keep the base of the saw pressed against the rim or border of the framing square. Therefore, the line is straight.

Switch off the saw when you are done the cutting. Be careful handling the cut borders of the stainless steel. If they are sharp, utilize deburring equipment to file them down.

How to Cut Stainless Steel Tubes

Purchase a Stainless Steel Tube Cutter

This is a handheld tool which clamps on a tube of stainless steel and cut it with the small revolving wheel. Ensure you obtain a tube cutter made specifically for this type of material.

Some stainless steel tube cutters can cut through thicker tubes compared to other, therefore know the dimension of the tube before buying or purchasing one.

Insert the material into the cutter. Line up the part you like to cut with the wheel on the tube cutter. When the tube is in place, tighten it into place by revolving the knob at the end of the tool. Keep on rotating the knob until the tube is in the right position.
Rotate the cutter around the stainless steel tube until it cuts through it

Hold the exposed part of the stainless steel tube in your one hand and then rotate the cutter with your left hand. As you rotating the cutter around the stainless steel tube, the tiny wheel on the tube cutter will slowly cut the tube. Ultimately, the wheel will cut all tube, and the piece of tube you cut will fall off.

Get rid of the stainless tube from the cutter

Turn knob around at the end of the cutter if the stainless steel tube is stuck. You need to be extra careful when handling the cut borders of the tube. Once the edges or rims are pointed, file them down using a deburring tool


There are many ways to clean stainless steel shelves such as:

In general, start with the basics and work your way up from there as needed. Here are ten ways to clean your stainless steel appliance for a flawless finish.

Dish Soap and Mineral or Baby Oil

First, it is essential to know the direction of the grain. Like some fabrics, stainless steel material has a grain too. These are faint striations which you can see on the surface of the shelves. A whole sheet of stainless steel has similar directional grain. Shelves usually have other pieces attached like handles and knobs. Always remember that these pieces might have a different direction grain.
You’ll not ruin your shelves if you don’t clean with the grain. Nothing spectacular will occur. But, once you wipe upright to the grain, lots of cleaning remains might get deeper into the small crevices of the grain. For maximum shine, it’s best to clear it up with the grain.

Next, get your supplies. Utilize two non-abrasive cleaning rags, if possible those who are 100% cotton as they have no residual lint. You can utilize paper towels. However, there will be lint left behind. Also, choose some plain dish soap and mineral or baby oil.
Dish soap is remarkable in cleaning grime and dirt from your stainless steel shelves. It eliminates excess oil and makes the polishing process easier. Put a small amount on the rag and moisten with a small amount of water. Wipe along the grain of the shelves. For stubborn fingerprints, you may need to go over the part a couple of times once you finish cleaning, dry water streaks using a clean towel.

For polishing, dab a small amount of baby or mineral oil onto the rag. A few drops will be enough. Comparable to the cleaning procedure, follow the grain, moving in either way. Polishing the stainless steel through this way will generate optimal results.

White Vinegar and Olive Oil

Use white vinegar straight to a microfiber cloth. You can also spray vinegar straight onto the surface. Allow it to sit for a few seconds, then wipe clean in the way of the grain. Apply white vinegar as many times as needed to eliminate any grime. Dab a soft, clean towel into olive oil and polish the newly cleaned area. If residue remains, use a clean cloth to eliminate them. This practice works well as the white vinegar eliminates all the dirt and grime, while the oil provides it a fresh and shiny polish.

Club Soda

Spray soda straight onto stainless steel shelves and then wipe in the track of the grain. This doesn’t just help clean the surface of food residue and fingertips, but it will provide a nice shine. Wipe using a soft, microfiber cloth.

Glass Cleaner to Eliminate Fingerprints

A fingerprint is the main complaint on stainless steel shelves. This is particularly true for the parents and workers out there. But, they can be eliminated easily with common glass cleaner.

Spray the glass cleaner on a soft cloth and apply consistently in a round motion to get rid of the fingerprints. Repeat as desired. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry it using a clean towel. It is not suggested that you spray straight to the shelves, as it may end up with lots of drip marks as well as splatter residue, which leave you with more work than you anticipated at first.

Commercial Cleaner Intended for Stainless Steel

If the stainless steel shelves have staining, scratching or requires a detailed polishing, then commercial cleaners made for this material is a viable choice, but it’s also the most expensive.

On the other hand, in spite of its price, a lot of commercial cleaners, as well as polishers, can diminish scratching and often will get rid of the stains. Also, they can polish surfaces to a gorgeous, long-lasting shine. Ensure to read the guide on the commercial cleaner and try it in a not-noticeable spot before covering the whole surface of the stainless steel shelves. Make sure to rinse carefully and towel dry.

The Most Excellent Way to Clean Stainless Steel Shelves

Stainless steel shelves are easy to maintain and tough. However, they do need regular cleaning. To keep stainless steel stainless takes account of proper care and maintenance. The guaranteed approach would be to utilize a specially made cleaning item. Unluckily, this is frequently the most expensive.

Almost everyone has stainless steel shelves at home or commercial property both small and large. With a little bit of elbow grease and any of the methods mentioned above, your shelves will stay looking new and stunning for a very long time.


Stainless steel shelves are one of the best things you can have in your office or store or any commercial property. It can provide you with the benefit of maximizing storage space without the threat of high-rise stacking that may eventually pose a safety hazard.

If you have a lot of stuff that is kept inside boxes at the office, these are typically just sprawled across the storage area. When the time comes which you need to look for specific items, you would need to look through one box after another even if you label each one of them. If you have a shelving rack, this allows you to easily place the boxes on every shelf neatly where you can professionally read the labels. This will let you have a clean inventory of your items.

Shelving solutions are a proven way of keeping everything in your commercial property in order. It will provide you the advantage of not just only having maximum storage space, but will also give you a well-kept area. There are wide arrays of shelving items which can suit your commercial needs.

There are various sizes and dimensions you can select from a wide selection. Some are designed to be utilized in several rooms in your office.

Other racks are meant for bigger storage such as offices and stores where you can keep your inventory or supplies. Keeping the things organized will provide you with a better working setting. You will be able to feel safe and secured that nothing will fall out of place as you do a job. And though these are made from stainless steel, there are some types of models which come coated in paint to give it a more professional look.


Stainless steel is durable, modern and easy to maintain. What is not to love about this material? A lot of modern kitchen features stainless steel countertops and design experts are even turning to stainless steel contact paper and paint to obtain the silvery look. But have you ever considered stainless steel shelves? There are many kinds of stainless steel shelving for home kitchen that can make a remarkable impact in your home kitchen.

Some of the best stainless steel shelves for the kitchen are listed below. These are ideal where space saving yet sturdy solutions are needed.

There are many different types and styles of shelves available for the home kitchen, and some of these can include:

Microwave shelf
Plain wall shelf
Decorative wall shelf
Wall mounted bracket shelf
Floating shelf
Sink shelf
Cookbook and pot rack shelf
Custom shelving


Creating as well as maintaining an efficient storage area in your restaurant can be tough and challenging, especially if the area is small and lots to store. However buying a shelving unit can take storage capacity to a new height. Fortunately, there are many types of shelves, components, material, and accessories to select from if planning to purchase a shelving unit.

Stainless steel shelves are the most versatile and durable types of shelving for restaurants available. Due to its natural corrosion-resistance, it can withstand rough, and heave use applications in almost any setting, whether dry or wet. From food storage to retail use to restaurant, stainless steel shelving is the best and superior choice to suit your area, purpose, and industry.

Types of Stainless Steel Shelving for Restaurants

Stainless Steel Wall Shelves:

This is perfect for storage above all prep tables. This is tough and comes with a good weight capacity to store vital prep tools, at the same time keeping them well-organized. This is available in a broad array of widths and lengths and custom sizes for ideal fits.

Stainless Steel Over Shelves

These are perfect for extra storage space above sandwich prep tables, work tables, pizza prep tables, under counter fridges, dough retarders, and many others. Most often you will see orders taped on to double over shelving on the opposite part where cooks can see them. These are capacity gainer and space saver as well. These are made of tough and heavy duty stainless steel that has high-weight capacities. These are also available in non-adjustable and adjustable welded shelves.

Wine Racks Stainless Steel

These are utilized to store bottles of wine at the right angle to keep corks airtight and moist.

Wire Security Shelving

Avoid theft in your restaurant by keeping valuable as well as personal items in security cages like wire security shelving.


Stainless steel shelves are relatively in demand and popular in any environment. May it be for commercial, industrial or residential use, this kind of shelving is always a stand out for its sleek and sophisticated look. With lots of styles, designs as well as varieties, you will surely be able to pick your shelves which will mate your need no matter when you intend to use or put them.

Using stainless steel shelving in your bathroom will allow you to take pleasure in its functionality, aesthetic appeal as well as durability. It can endure the natural elements and years of wear and tear. What is more, they are also easy to clean and maintain. You need to polish it regularly with the right materials.

What are the Best Types of Stainless Steel Shelves for Bathroom?

There are many types of stainless steel shelves for shared and private bathroom such as wall mounted, soap dish, shampoo holder, towel holder, hanger and many others. All these play a vital role in keeping all the things inside your bathroom is in the right place and well organized. So, the question is how well you find the best one?

Choose the one that is made of a renowned manufacturer. This assures you that the product will last for many years of using. A renowned manufacturer also offers a warranty on their products.


For libraries, stainless steel is indeed the best components to build into this structure for an array of reasons. Stainless steel looks great, easy to sterilize and easy to clean as well as requires low maintenance. This material is also extremely resistant to corrosion. It is ideal and beneficial to integrate stainless steel shelves in the library as it is an extremely durable material without being prohibitively heavy.

The best thing about these shelves is that they are extremely versatile. The metal can be formed easily into any shape or thickness you want from thick bars and plates to a thin sheet, wire as well as tubing. It can also be utilized to make a shelf for the library.
Enhance your contemporary library with the pair of the beautiful bookcase with durable as well as aesthetic construction. This comes with a stainless steel frame for stability. Some stainless steel shelves available out there comes with open glass shelves to easily find the books you want to read.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Shelves to Library

There are lots of perks of integrating stainless steel shelves to your library. Some of these perks take account of the following:

This a safer and secure working condition for you, your family members and staff
It keeps the books safe and away from insects
It is easier for you to organize your inventory
It helps you identify the types of books at a glance
Improve the hygiene of the area
Make the most of the available space
Save time in configuration as well as construction
Make the storage areas stress free cleaning
It resists corrosion and rust, extending the life of the book
Provides you a longer service life


Steel shelving is extensively utilized in large industrial businesses. Since steel shelves, as well as cabinets, are durable and strong, they are perfectly suited for companies which have hazardous working settings. There’s just no other kind of shelving which can survive such a high amount of abuse. It’s much safer to utilize steel shelving in places where there’s a lot of heavy machinery. Also, they use a steel cart with shelving for conveying large heavy things around the property.

You’ll find steel shelves in manufacturing firms which have high temp areas. These lessen the risk of damage or fire to the shelving units. The versatility of stainless steel shelving makes it so easy to built shelving structures to suit almost any industrial storage need. Even if steel storage shelves may come at a higher price initially, if it is made well, it will last for many years. That alone could save large companies thousands of dollars over time.

Another widespread use for stainless steel shelves is in the food business. Standard refrigeration units are made to hold stainless steel wall shelves for many reasons. They are easily adjusted providing you the capability to space them according to the dimensions of the food items. The fact that steel is so durable and powerful means you can store huge cases of the heavy food product without the worry of the shelves giving way to the weight.

Industrial steel shelving racks at the same time allow the unit breathes so that the cold air circulates well around all the food. This helps in keeping the food at the right temp for safe storage. One extremely vital feature of steel shelving, as well as countertops that are particularly advantageous in the food industry, is the capability to keep the shelves, cars as well as tabletops sanitary and clean.
Stainless steel shelving can hold up well even under a large amount of heavy scrubbing and bleaching. This makes keeping your kitchen up to the health code standards so easy. That is the reason you will see lots of steel shelves in industrial businesses such as grocery stores, delis, and bakeries alike.


Before you buy stainless steel shelves for home or business, make sure to measure the area first in which you want to install them. Shelving can give additional storage spaces, increase vertical space, and add a field to store belongings. It’s not hard to know the size essential to use the vertical space.

Step 1

Check the area you wish to install the stainless steel shelves. Know whether you want to put in single wall hung shelves or multiple shelves or enclosed shelves like a cabinet. If space seems cluttered or too busy, consider hidden shelves.

Step 2

Stretch the tape measure in the place where you like to set up the shelf. Like for example, you may need to set up the wall to wall shelving or utilize a shelf which is just a foot in length. If you know the range of the shelving, put a piece of the painter of similar length on the wall.

Step 3

Step back to see the measuring tape. Check to ensure the length of the shelving is ideal for space and doesn’t get lost on a big wall or look bigger for the size of the space. Take note the length after knowing what looks best for space.

Step 4

Utilize the tape measure to know the number of space needed between the stainless steel shelves. Like for example, the shelves might hold books which are about similar height. Measure the tallest stuff and take down this measurement. For multiple shelves, choose to space them equally or make some rooms narrow and other wider. Put in some inches to the height of the tallest item for clearance.

Step 5

Lastly, measure the depth by knowing the dimension of the things you wish to display. Stainless steel shelves should extend an inch beyond the deepness of the stud on the shelf. This is vital when measuring for shelves which have a door. This is also vital as you do not want people entering the space to run into the shelves once turning the corner. Take note this measurement when buying stainless steel shelves.


A stainless steel shelf is ideal to use in an office and residential property. It can provide the benefits of maximizing storage area without the danger of high rise stacking that might pose a safety threat. Stainless steel shelves are proven the way of keeping things in order and well organized. It provides the perk of having a maximum storage area. This will also give you a well-organized area. There are wide selections of shelves available to choose from since a lot of companies offer a wide array of shelving products that can suit your specific requirements.

There are different sizes and dimensions you can choose from. Some are specially designed to be used in several rooms in your home. Some shelves can be used in your kitchen, living room, and the home office.

In an industrial setting, these factories and plants need tough shelves for storage of heavy items and load. Companies which prefer shelving racks made of this material for durability and safety are those in the business of risky settings, fluctuating temp as well as temp.

It doesn’t matter if you utilize them from wall space to floor space, you can secure the shelves tailored fit to your needs. You can pick lots of models of shelves with different prices and features as well. Some of these are table mounted that have a single over shelves while some have double over shelves. There are also stainless steel shelves that can be mounted on walls, floors and as well as ceilings.

The best thing about these shelves is that they are easy to maintain and clean. You would not need to worry about grime and dust accumulating in the surface. As it is usually wired shelves, from layer to layer and vacuum or sweep the area. Also, it provides your room a stylish as well as organized look as of the way it is made and designed. If you would like to utilize one of these in the bathroom area, you can put your detergents, soap, and conditioner in one of the shelves which you can easily see and access.
Stainless steel shelves, in general, provide many benefits both for home and industrial applications.