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  • Item Name: Stainless Steel Handrail
  • Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Finish: Brushed/Polished/Customized
  • Diameter: Customized
  • Anti-scratch, anti-oil, anti-bacterial
  • Certificate:ISO9001:2008
  • Inspection: IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
  • Package: Carton, Foam(standard export packing)printing your LOGO is available, special packing is also available

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Stainless Steel Handrail Applications and Uses

A stainless steel handrail is a rail designed to be grasped and to provide support or stability. Handrails are commonly used while descending or ascending stairways to prevent falls that can cause severe to fatal injuries.

Where to Uses Stainless Steel Handrail

Stainless steel is made up with the combination of carbon and iron. Due to its durability and stability, stainless steel is commonly used in the building industry for constructing platforms, stairs and staircases, and handrails. Stainless steel is the preferred choice of designers, engineers, and builders for stairs and handrails due to its sturdiness. With handrails made from steel, it is literally strong compared with wood timer and other materials. Steel provides assurance of security and stability of construction.

Another reason why stainless steel is used for fabricating handrails for stairs and elevators is that it’s malleable. With the recent advances in the technology, steel fabricating companies have found ways to cut steel and produce spiral handrails to match spiral staircases.

Notable Applications of Stainless Steel Handrail
Can withstand heavy loads of weight
High durability
Lower costs
Heat resistant
Corrosion resistant
Ease of installation
Longer service life
Do not creak

Stainless steel handrails can take any form and complement the modern accents of the metal stairs to create an original interior design. Stainless steel alloy design possibilities are almost endless. Handrails made from stainless steel can blend in simple, traditional, modern, or elegant exterior design. Also, you have the option to choose customer designed handrails that are available in various sizes and shapes.

Steel is a highly flexible metal allow that can be cut to pieces and welded to different patterns and designs including but not limited to curved, straight, and spiral designs. Stainless steel handrail can be combined with other materials of the stairs and staircases and work with the concept of the interior and outdoor designs.

Also, metal handrails like stainless steel is relatively easy to install and maintain therefore keeping the cost of building construction or home renovation lower compared to other materials. Once fitted on the stairs, stainless steel handrails can enhance the aesthetic appearance of the stairs. And since stainless steel is not cheap, it can add value to your property if you’re planning to sell it in the future.

Essential Benefits of Stainless Steel Handrail

For home renovation projects, stainless steel is widely used for creating interior and exterior fitting such as stairs, railing, and handrails. Stainless steel has become the preferred choice of homeowners and contractors for creating handrails due to its stability, durability, and longevity. Aside from being easy to set up, they can be mounted on posts to serve as standalone railings. Other designs include railings mounted on the wall and fixed on a handrail bracket. Some areas in the office and residential houses have stainless steel handrails used for guardrails for their balcony, decks, and knee walls.

Check out these amazing features of stainless steel handrails.

Highly Durable Metal Alloy – When it comes to stairs and handrails, using strong and durable materials is a must to ensure safety and security. Stainless steel is no doubt the most durable metal alloy these days. This means that your railing is durable compared to wooden materials and with the hands of expert builders, yours can have tensile strength.

Rust Proof – Stainless steel is rust proof and can withstand the wear and tear caused by harsh weather changes. This is one of the reasons why it is used for handrails and other outdoor renovation purposes.

Easy to Clean and Maintain – Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to clean, and once it’s back to its original form, it can shine bright and become aesthetically appealing.

Adds Value to Property – Handrails and stairs made from stainless steel can add value to your property. Stainless steel construction is not cheap so you can be sure that you can get a return on investment if you sell your property to interested buyers.

Affordable – Many will disagree that stainless steel is affordable compared to other materials such as cast iron and wood. The initial cost of stainless steel handrail is expensive, but it’s actually affordable if you consider its longevity and low maintenance features. Since it’s durable, it will not corrode, so there’s no need for replacement. It’s easy to clean and maintain, so there’s no need to hire people who will do the cleaning for you. Also, you don’t have to buy stainless steel cleaners just to keep your handrails clean and shiny.

Aesthetically Appealing – The fact that many buildings use stainless steel stairs and handrails is a proof that it’s aesthetically appealing. This is the main reason why many homeowners are trying to incorporate stainless steel products in almost all aspects of their home.

Stainless steel handrails are used in almost every setting where it is necessary to be it in residential homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, and many other industries.

Furthermore, stainless steel railing is used to highlight a contemporary design. For open stairways, builders usually use protective plastic glass covering in between stainless steel handrails to deliver an exquisite appeal.

What is the Best Stainless Steel Handrail?

Now that you know the features and benefits of handrails made from stainless steel, the next thing you may think is what the best stainless steel handrails are and where to find them. There is no generic rule to follow to determine the best stainless steel handrail for your needs. You can go online, and you can find a vast variety of products offered at a relatively affordable price. It can be tempting to grab these low cost offers, but this does not guarantee you that they are the best.

When choosing stainless steel handrails, you must consider your needs, the space you have, the theme or décor of your house or office, and the money you are willing to spend to invest on stainless steel handrails.

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Factors To Consider When Utilizing Stainless Handrails For Your Home

In this fast-paced world, elevators and escalators have been introduced into the market. Going up and down the building is as easy as eating a pie. It saves our time and effort, maximizing our productivity and efficiency at home or in the workplace.

Elevators and escalators make our lives easier than before. This is especially true when our job is heavy-duty.

Despite the trend, stairs remain the top notch option for homes, condos, apartments, hospitals, and schools to name a few. As with elevators and escalators, stairs also reduce the hassles of working.

However, they are quite inconvenient. It takes time and effort to use to reach the right floor. But it can be a great advantage. Not only do we burn our calories, but it also helps us become physically fit.

But imagine stairs without handrails. Safety is compromised. They have a potential safety hazard. People will encounter some trouble going up and down. The feeling can be extremely unexplainable. Handrails play a crucial role in providing a security and comfort boost.

Of course, many people know that handrails are used in stairs. But there are other interesting things you should understand about them. How are stainless steel handrails made? How are they installed? Are they worth the investment? You have come to the right place!


Stainless steel handrails provide a multitude of benefits. Most of them are related to safety while ascending or descending the stairs.
When we climb up or down the stairs, it’s natural to look for something to hold. While the body is in motion, losing the balance is easy. This is the reason why handrails are developed. They serve the purpose of giving the body enough balance.

Stainless steel handrails exist for other reasons. Accidents are inevitable, especially on the stairs. It’s a handrail you can grab onto in case you may slip or fall. This lessens the injuries and hospital bills, too.

Stainless steel handrails are also helpful for people with visual problems and other disabilities. They heavily depend on these tools while going up and down a building.

Over the years, handrails have been used for practical purposes. Aside from safety, they serve to enhance the curb value of your house. Just choose the right style that complements the design and ambiance of your space.

But how are stainless steel handrails made? Good question! Before you use that at home or in the office, handrails undergo an extensive manufacturing process. But there’s no universal way how they are constructed.

Material Selection: Stainless Steel is One of the Best

There are different materials to utilize for handrails. The most common is the wood. Timber is the top-notch solution for many. It adds a touch of class to your home. It enhances sophistication. It is also durable that last for years. Unfortunately, it tends to rot, requiring regular maintenance.

Another material is aluminum. Unlike the wooden one, it is beautiful and reliable without tough cleaning. It is affordable and sturdy that can withstand the test of time. It is easy to install and safe.

Stainless steel has a unique and special place in the industry. It is trendy that remain one of the top choices for homeowners and business owners. It’s no wonder because stainless steel offers countless pros. It is sturdier than other materials. Thanks to its high tensile strength. It is proven to be rust resistant, protecting itself from weathering.

Stainless steel railings are simpler to maintain. With a simple wipe of a clean cloth, they can be aesthetically pleasing. They will remain shiny and dust-free.

More than that, stainless steel handrails are affordable. Of course, some consider them as one of the most expensive. The good news about stainless steel railings is that they don’t require constant repair and replacement. They can keep their luster and appeal without high maintenance costs.

Design Selection: Opt for the Style that Represents your Personality

As with material selection, the number of design trends has been growing. Whether you look for something traditional or modern, you can make a decision more easily.

Inspiring Glass Infill

Glass contributes to the sophisticated look of a building. Unfortunately, incorporating it into your home can be difficult. Why don’t you install it in your handrails? Yes, it’s a bright idea. But this design plan requires demanding safety standards. With experienced engineers, you can sit back and relax. They make it easier to access the ideal size, type, and thickness of the glass.

Custom Cable

Looking for railings for bridges, balconies, and terraces? Don’t look further than custom cable handrails. They boost optimal security and durability. They are heavy-duty and striking. They create a beautiful balance of organic and futuristic design.

So, what’s your choice? Tell your chosen manufacturer about your needs to turn your dreams into a reality! Just select the company who has the right experience and tools.

Assembling Stainless Steel Handrails

Are you relocating to your new home? Or are you planning to open your business soon? Of course, you want to get the job done fast. A delay in handrail can affect your schedule.

Luckily, there are ready-made stainless steel handrails for you. Pick the right design ahead of time. Make sure it suits the interior of your space for curb value.

Welding Process

Companies take time to weld handrails. They use the right tools to make things right and high-quality. Welding stainless steel handrails is a long process. A seasoned company does not take shortcuts. They have an attention to details. More than that, a qualified team has the experience and knowledge.

When selecting top railings, a professional manufacturer can make a huge difference. Work with the right provider for your peace of mind.

Powder Coated Steel: Maximize High Strength

After welding, handrails are then powder-coated to avoid occasional repainting and extensive maintenance. Powder coating has been popular for years now because it adds durability, uniformity, and appearance to handrails.

Powder coated stainless steel railings are stronger, withstanding severe weather, physical condition, and chemical contact. They also allow a range of light reflection styles.

Powder coated handrails ensure color variety, custom color matching, and corrosion resistance. Whether you’re tired of rusty or inefficient handrails, powder coated alternatives are impressive.


Stainless steel handrails are corrosion resistant. They have a non-porous surface, making them resistant to rust, dirt, and other damages.

Today, manufacturers grade stainless steel railings to intensify their rust resistance. Graded stainless steel options can go beyond your expectations. They can last a century or two. They can maintain their shiny appeal for decades with low maintenance.
304-Grade Stainless Steel

Commonly known as 18-8 stainless steel, 304 grade composes of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 304-grade handrails are often used in any indoor applications.

While they can accept powder coating and paint, this is not necessary. This means you can save some cash.

Most 304-grade stainless steel handrails have impressive finishes. These can include satin and finer finishes. Not only can they provide optimal corrosion resistance, but they can also serve a practical purpose.

304-grade handrails are also flexible. You can integrate them into your outdoor steps and swimming pools. Make sure the weather conditions are not harsh or extreme.

Maintaining 304-grade railing systems is more stress-free than carbon steel options. Simply wipe them with soap and water to keep their luster and strength.

When it comes to the price, these handrails can be expensive. But they don’t require repetitive upkeep. This reduces your effort and saves your budget.

Other Benefits

Can Withstand High or Low Temperature

304-grade can maintain optimal strength and withstand scaling at high or low temperature. Replace undesirable indoor handrails with this solution.

Provide Hygienic Properties

The cleanability of 304-grade stainless steel railing systems makes it the leading option in pharmaceutical processing labs, kitchens, and hospitals.

316-Grade Stainless Steel Handrails

Regardless of grade, stainless steel railing systems resist rust. Thanks to their strong chromium content. As it interacts with the air, chromium oxidizes into a thin and stable layer of atoms that stop corrosion from occurring.

Every time the material is scratched, chromium re-oxidizes to repair itself before rust sets in. That’s why 316-grade stainless steel handrails are a priority for homeowners.

However, ordinary stainless steel handrails have drawbacks. They are not impervious to corrosion. This is particularly true when used in chlorinated areas such as a coastal location and swimming pools.

316-grade stainless steel railings can tackle harsh environment. With their nickel and molybdenum content, they can further withstand rust, making them perfect for outdoor applications.

Just like 304-grade, these handrails do not need protective coating. Choose from many finishes to achieve the right look in real time.
Due to their tested performance in terrible weather conditions, 316-grade is popular and experts-recommended for outdoor use. Not only that, they are an excellent choice for industrial applications.

Other Benefits

Paramount Resistance to Chloride

Chloride in coastal and cold areas are the enemy of most metals. But 316 stainless steel handrails are far different. They can protect themselves from chloride.

Corrosive Chemicals Are not a Burden

Overwhelmed with acetic and sulfuric acids? Say bye to all the hassles of corrosive chemicals. Adding this option to cart is worth your time.


Selecting stainless steel handrails can be a challenge. Installing them can be fun and tough.

After making a purchase, your next concern is how to get them installed. The good news is that the process can be a DIY project.
Whether you have prior knowledge or experience, install the railing systems yourself.

Still, you have a high risk to commit mistakes. To get the job done right the first time, keep these tips in mind:

Prepare the Place to Install the Handrails

Are you done with selecting the ideal design for your home or business? Then, clean the area where you plan to install stainless steel handrails. This will help you get rid of dirt and stains. Use the pressure washer to achieve excellent results. For broken surfaces, repair them with the use of a concrete adhesive.

Find the Studs

Cleaning your place is fast and convenient. Within a few minutes, you can prepare the space for installation. So, what’s next? Find all studs. You can take advantage of a stud finder and mark them with chalk. Next, install the brackets. Make sure you follow your layout and drill holes in the wall.

Insert Posts

After installing mounting brackets, now is the right time to insert the post. Then, attach the handrail strip to each post with screws. That’s it! Everything is set.

Challenges of DIY Installation

Installing stainless steel handrails can be a DIY project. It saves money, reduces unnecessary expenses, and gives you peace of mind.
However, a DIY installation can be costly. You can commit mistakes, modify the process, and miss important aspects.

Lack of Time

Just like finding the perfect stainless steel handrails, installation requires time and patience. For those who have a hectic schedule, hiring a professional is wise.

You Don’t Have Enough Tools

Lack of tools delay handrail installation. A complete set of equipment ensures a successful process.

Do you have a miter box, level, stud finder, screwdriver, tape measure, stainless steel clamps, miter saw, drill, combination square, chalk line, safety glasses, awl, L-brackets, or tape? You may have some. You need to purchase other necessary materials. You don’t need that. Hire an expert installer ahead.

Why Should You Hire a Seasoned Installer?

For error-free handrail installation, an experienced professional is the one to trust. From the right experience to knowledge, they have them all.

Other Reasons Why an Expert is Better than DIY

High-End Tools

They have quality equipment for any installation. This avoids delays and provides fast services.

Quality and Safe Services

Handrails are designed to provide stability, security, and comfort. Improper installation can compromise safety. A capable expert can guarantee the best services.


Now that you know stainless steel handrails grade let’s find out how much they cost.

Stainless steel handrail systems are among the most durable investments to consider.

With that high strength and durability, people may believe handrails are expensive. That’s why homeowners take wooden options into account.

Well, wood handrails are affordable. They are sturdy that can last for years. It’s sad to know that they require regular maintenance. Without proper care, they will tend to rot and warp.

On the contrary, stainless steel handrails for stairs remain vibrant without extensive cleaning. With a simple wipe, the luster and durability will be longest-lasting. All of these can be enjoyed at a fair rate. The price is not affordable nor cheap. The cost is available at a reasonable cost.

The average price for grip bars is $25. For larger handrail systems and staircases, it’s around $2,000. Before adding stainless steel handrails for outdoor steps, identify your budget.

Most importantly, be willing to spend more. The cheapest options are unsafe and unreliable. Pick the solutions that come from a trusted company.

Factors that Affect Stainless Steel Handrail Cost

Different factors tell about the stainless steel handrails price. A little knowledge about them can help determine your budget.

Materials: Quality over Price

Are you in search of affordable railings? Then, wooden handrails are good to go. Unlike stainless steel, aluminum, and wrought iron, wooden solutions can be cheap.

Design: Determine What Fits your Expectations

Aside from the material, design significantly affects the cost. A complex and unique stainless steel with glass handrail designs can be costly.

A simple design, on the other hand, can be money-saving. If you’re searching for simple home appeal, these handrails are your best shot.

Whether you dream of a modern or attractive design, complex handrails are worth the investment. So, what’s your choice? Pick the one that suits your budget and requirements.

Manufacturing Process

Professionally assembled, welded, and powder coated stainless steel handrails for boats can cause a dent in your bank account. Yes, they cannot be cost-effective. But you’re sure about their structural integrity, corrosion resistance, and lasting durability.

Installation: A One-Stop Company Offers Fully-Fledged Services

Most companies provide a complete package. Aside from quality stainless steel handrails for swimming pools or stairs, installation is included. It can be around $26.69 or $41.16. But it still depends on the installer of your choice. The good news is that you can minimize the expenses when hiring a one-stop company.


Everyone wants a unique and appealing home. Among the perfect addition and renovation is stainless steel handrails. Aside from durability, they can maximize the aesthetics of your home.

The right stainless steel handrails design can transform your house into a stunning one. If you want royal-themed stairs, everything is possible with the best railings.

For swimming pools, handrails pay a significant role. As they blend to the pool tiles, these railing systems would incite your excitement to swim and burn calories. Make sure your option has a good grip and permanent feature.

A commercial space without aesthetic handrails can affect daily sale or profit. Customers love curb value. An appealing apartment, condo, or another business establishment can capture a client’s attention and interest.

For you to customize your handrails and stairs, here are the top options to weigh in mind:

Stainless Steel Handrails with Glass: Large and Organized Space

Used in different buildings, stainless steel handrails and balustrades support balconies and staircases with maximum security and safety.

While several materials can be used to customize or design railing systems, stainless steel handrails with glass have become popular over the years. It’s no doubt because of its benefits.

Creates the Illusion of More Space

Stainless steel handrail with glass panels makes your space larger than average. This is particularly true when balustrade has clear glass.

For you to maximize the space in your building, stainless steel handrail and balustrades are the trends to try.

They Don’t Block the Light

Stainless steel handrail with glass panels allows for light to shine thru. This enhances the presence of sunlight and creates an airy feel indoors.

What’s interesting is that the comfort level is high. While having a quality railing system, you can unwind and forget anything that stresses your mind.

They are Ideal for Modern Interiors

Stainless steel handrails and balustrades are expert-recommended to add a touch of sophistication. When you’re planning to sell your home, a high resale value is possible.

Selling your home will be quick. There are potential prospects to grab. You will choose the best price, ensuring a high return on investment.

They are Easy to Clean

Not only do stainless steel handrails with glass look fabulous, but they are also convenient to maintain. Wiping them down in a minute or two is perfect. Cleaning them is a piece of cake. When dealing with scratches, polishing restores their original beauty.

They can Cost an Arm or a Leg

Stainless steel handrail with glass price is not that expensive. They are available at a competitive rate with huge savings. Quality? Good prices? Stainless steel handrail with glass is impressive.

Stainless Steel Handrail with LED Lights: Increase Safety

Another effective technique to customize your stainless steel handrail is LED lights. Imagine ascending and descending the stairs with lighting units. How does it feel? It’s probably exciting and fun. It’s very nostalgic. It would bring back your childhood memories.
Some of the Pros

They Maximize Safety

Falling or slipping on the stairs can cause severe injuries. Don’t wait for that time to happen. Install the LED lights that are easy to the eyes. While they can serve for aesthetic purposes, they can ensure safety and injury-free use.

They are Very Peaceful and Calm

You probably have a long and stressful day in your workplace. Stainless steel handrail with LED lights is what you need. They make your space serene and light. They will transform your home into a conducive place to unwind and relax. They are also romantic.
Stainless Steel Handrail with Wood: Class and Lasting Rust Resistance

Do you prefer corrosion-resistant handrail? Or do you like to add a modern touch to your home? Why don’t you try stainless steel handrail with wood? Yes, it’s a bright idea.

While you enjoy superb corrosion resistance, you can add sophistication to your home. A touch of class and low maintenance are what stainless steel handrail with wood can offer.

Stainless Steel Handrail with Cable: Enjoy Practical Uses

Creative business space that adapts office areas become imperative these days. Office design is a practice with an emphasis on addressing any workplace challenges. The design process looks at how to use space, promote a collaborative ambiance, and get the most out of your budget.

An effective way to customize space is with stainless steel handrail with cable. Designers select cable handrail because of its practical and sleek uses.

Other Reasons Why Stainless Steel Handrail with Cable are Useful

Quality and Attractive Aesthetics

For modern office or home, a functional and unique space is a must. Stainless steel handrail with cable can keep your property design aesthetically pleasing and practical.

The use of this stainless steel handrail designs gives a fresh and clean finish. This is perfect for promoting increased productivity, organized space, and stress-free ambiance.

Effective and Functional

Stainless steel handrail with cable is not only excellent for home or office use. They are also great for industrial spaces. Offering a simple and practical solution, this design is flexible to use in mezzanines, stairwells, and floors.

Tested to provide defined walkways, stainless steel handrails with cable call for a low maintenance. They are excellent for people with a busy schedule.


Choosing stainless steel handrails for indoor space is tough. Selecting the right choice for outdoor use can be harder. The right stainless steel handrail grade comes in.

Stainless steel can withstand rust over time. But it does not necessarily mean it won’t corrode. 316-grade stainless steel handrail is worth your effort.

Why is Special Handrail Necessary for Outdoor Use?

Rust affects the structural integrity of handrails. Unlike an indoor application, ordinary stainless steel handrails are not impervious to corrosion.

When looking for a solution for your swimming pool, add 316-grade stainless steel handrail to cart. Pools are rich in chlorine that the material’s number one enemy.

With 316-grade, corrosion won’t be an issue. Thanks to the high presence of chromium. It helps the handrail to have a protective layer against a high chlorinated area.

Coastal Location: Rich in Chloride

Do you reside near a coastal location? Then, a unique handrail for outdoor use is awesome. Despite the saltwater content in the air, 316-grade stainless steel solution will be of great help. They can last for years. But don’t overlook regular maintenance. Clean them on a daily basis for scratch and rust protection.


Stainless steel handrails are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. They have curb value, boosting the comfort and style of your home or office.

Stainless steel handrails also provide stability and safety. Every time you go up or down the stairs, you’d feel comfortable and secure.
Before that happens, handrails take time to assemble. They compose of different accessories and fittings, making them more durable.
When you’re wondering about each component, every handrail includes brackets, elbows and wall returns, connectors for tube or pipe, flanges, end caps, post caps, disks, plates, handrail moldings, tube fittings, mounting hardware, non-weld railing components, cable railing, and glass to name a few.

How to Find the Right Accessories and Fittings?

Accessories and fittings are included in a package. However, some are missing. You need to buy other components. With the growing number of options, it’s confusing to pick the best fittings and other hardware.

Keep these factors in mind to have a guided shopping.

Are they Durable? Inefficient accessories and fittings compromise quality stainless steel hardware. Quality and sturdy hardware make a difference. Lasting use and optimal safety will be a reality.

Do they Provide a Perfect Fit? Before making a purchase, identify the right size for your stainless steel handrail with glass. The wrong size of hardware is a waste of money. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time and don’t take shortcuts.

Are they Affordable? Grabbing the cheapest hardware is good. However, it does not guarantee how long accessories can last. Take advantage of handrail components that come at a competitive rate.


Poor stainless steel handrails for kitchen mean decreased safety and stability. The best option indicates functional performance. Quality handrails increase security and balance.

But how to find the most suitable solution? Today’s market composes of different providers. It can be a good advantage on your part. To get started, follow these steps and tips:

Visit a Local Store Near You

When finding the best handrail, seek assistance from a local store. Ask referrals to make the process more hassle-free. Weigh what your relatives’ recommendations in mind. Still, listen to your heart. It’s better to raise your queries and other concerns ahead. Check whether or not they offer a reliable estimate and amazing discounts.

Shop Online: Convenient Shopping

For those who don’t have enough time, you can shop online. As with visiting a local store, you can ask your family and friends for referrals. Don’t count on a startup. Trying a seasoned professional is worth it. Just discuss all your needs and other requirements to receive responsive services. Don’t be afraid to be straightforward. That way, an expert will know the technique to get the project done.


You probably have installed high-quality stainless steel handrails for stairs. You perhaps get the most out of your handrail design. Maybe, you enjoy their curb value. Maybe, you love their reliable function.

After a few months, you can see a build-up of dirt, dust or scratches in your stainless steel handrails for outdoor steps. It’s all normal. At first, you will be quite disappointed. Take a deep breath and pause. Many people experience the same thing.

Dust, dirt, rust, or scratches will be easier to handle with proper maintenance and regular cleaning. Well, cleaning seems simple to do. Unfortunately, some homeowners are unable to do the process correctly. If you’re one of them, there’s no need to worry.

How to Maintain your Stainless Steel Handrails?

General and Routine Cleaning

Cleaning stainless steel handrails for outdoor steps is convenient. It’s because of their non-porous surface. They do not absorb the dirt easily. They are rust resistant. For your general cleaning, most household cleaners are effective. Even warm water and soap work well to get rid of smudges and fingerprints. That way, you can keep their luster and durability. Just eliminate chloride-packed cleaners from your list.

Removing Stains and Scratches

Stubborn stains? Potential scratches? These are a serious stainless steel handrail problem. With the right pad, you can remove the stains and scratches. Follow the direction of the grain and scrub with gentle pressure. What’s next? Wipe down the affected area with a chloride-free cleaner and soft cloth. Apply enough force to bring out the luster.

Rust and Tea Staining

You probably live in an area where air-borne contaminants are high. For marine environments, corrosion is possible. Don’t lose hope! Take advantage of a cleaner that removes rust, repairs the protective layer, and maximizes rust resistance.

Have you ever heard about nitric acid? It can help. Add enough amount with clean water. Mix the solution in a container. Wear rubber gloves and other gears for your safety. Be careful with the acid to avoid other problems.

Holistic Maintenance

Rust can be an eyesore. It can also cause a headache. For you to avoid dealing with corrosion, keep your stainless steel handrail free of salt and clean at all times.

An occasional rinse with fresh water is effective and money-saving. In a severe environment, apply protectant or wax on a regular basis. Make sure it’s free of chloride and other unsafe ingredients.

What to Avoid?

Since you’re already aware of the basics of protecting your handrails, there are things to avoid. Here are some:

Don’t Utilize Sandpaper and Steel Wool

When dirt or rust builds up, you may think of steel wool or sandpaper. Never use any of them. A smooth pad ensures proper cleaning with ease.

Don’t Use Chloride-Based Solutions

Chlorine is the number one foe of your stainless steel handrails. Never apply chloride-based cleaner on the railing. Look for the natural and experts-recommended alternatives.

Hydrochloric or Muriatic Acids are not Advisable

But you can use them to clean the concrete or tile near your stainless steel handrails. Then, wash the railing system thoroughly.


Increased safety on stairs, swimming pools, or boat? Optimal security and stability? Stainless steel handrails have got you covered. It’s essential to rely on a reputable company to invest your money and time in a quality option.

When using top-notch handrail, don’t forget holistic maintenance. Make the cleaning process a DIY project to reduce unnecessary expenses. While you’re sure about the maintenance, you will have fun. Use handrails responsibly. Remember that prevention is better than addressing corrosion.