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SS205 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

  • Item Type: SS205
  • Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Finish: Brushed/Polished/Customized
  • Thickness: 1.0mm/Customized
  • Anti-scratch, anti-oil, anti-bacterial
  • Inspection: IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
  • Printing your LOGO is available, special packing is also available

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Stainless-steel cabinets are now becoming increasingly popular in residential houses due to its modern look. It can complement other items around the house making your home aesthetically appealing and impress everyone.


Stainless-Steel Cabinets Essential Features


If you’re planning to invest in stainless-steel cabinets, you need to check out the features first. Here are the essential features of a stainless-steel cabinet that you might now know.


Extremely Durable – Compared to wooded and plastic cabinets, stainless-steel is better it does not absorb moisture making it corrosion resistant. Stainless steel can also withstand extremely high temperature. Some cabinets sold these days made with stainless steel are fireproof. Aside from cabinets, many modern kitchens nowadays have stainless steel pulls, handles, and knobs attached to their old cabinets for functional and decorative use. Additionally, it is non-porous, so termites and ants will can’t go through the steel, so you’re assured that your cabinet and other kitchen hardware are long lasting.


Stylish and Clean – If you’re after a modern look, then stainless-steel if the perfect choice for you. Aside from keeping germs at bay, stainless-steel cabinets are available in various design for your bathroom and kitchen. Also, it’s shiny and relatively easy to clean. This gives you the assurance that your bathroom and kitchen stays clean all the time.


Easy to Use – Many stainless-steel cabinets and hardware does not require complicated installation. In fact, you will not need a professional assistance to install your cabinet. You just need someone to help you carry the cabinet and position it on the area where you want it to be.


Bacterial and Fungal Resistant – Its non-porous surface makes stainless-steel hard to be penetrated by liquid, so bacteria and fungus cannot thrive on it, unlike wood and plastic that are at risk for mold infestation.


Moisture Resistant – Made from a low carbon steel and consists of nickel and chromium. The chromium finish makes stainless-steel rust and corrosion resistant. Since stainless steel is moisture resistant it’s a perfect material for creating cabinets and other household hardware such as handles, pulls, knobs, door frames, towel holders, and the lists goes on.


Chemical Resistant – Stainless steel has a significant moisture resistant property. Most solvents, organic chemicals, and stains will never be an issue. In fact, high-quality stainless-steel finishes can resist some bases and acids. Just note that when cleaning your stainless-steel cabinets to refrain from using harsh acids such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and acetic acid as these chemicals can damage its luster.


Heat Resistant – The nickel in stainless-steel can resist high temperatures. It can be exposed at above 1500 °F and still durable. Prolonged exposure to high temperature can result in discoloration, but it can remain functional.


Notable Uses of Stainless Steel Cabinet
Stainless-steel cabinets have so many applications including the following.
Research labs and pharmaceutical manufacturing
Hospital rooms
Biosafety labs
Food processing plants
Home kitchens


With many choices available for stainless-steel cabinets, many homeowners nowadays are investing in it. It’s Not only durable and functional but also offers aesthetic value.


How to Look for the Best Stainless-Steel Cabinet?


The use of kitchen cabinets is self-explanatory. It kitchens, it can be used for storage of kitchen equipment, dishes, utensils, and food. Appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens are now integrated with kitchen cabinetry. With stainless-steel cabinets now increasingly becoming popular, many homeowners are investing in it. And the same applies to manufactures of home furniture and equipment products. When you go online, you can find almost limitless manufacturers and sellers offering stainless-steel cabinets and many claims they have the best product.


The truth is, not all stainless-steel cabinets are the same regarding price and aesthetic value. You may find cheaper stainless-steel cabinets sold online that are durable, but does it match the interior décor of your kitchen? Or does it complement other furniture and appliances in your houses such as kitchen drawers, your fridge, ovens, and cupboards? You have gone a long way in buying this furniture equipment and hardware to match the theme of your kitchen, and you do not want an unappealing stainless-steel cabinet to ruin your décor.


Therefore, the best stainless-steel cabinet is the one that can boost the aesthetic appearance of your home, specifically the kitchen. Look online, and you’ll find one that suits your needs and preferences. They may cost you a little bit more than just a traditional stainless-steel cabinet, but they offer aesthetic value.


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Product ModelSS205 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet
Material304 Stainless Steel
Standard or NonstandardStandard
InspectionIQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
Delivery Time15-30 working days after received the deposit
Sample ChargeIn stock sample is free(But the freight will be covered by your side)
PaymentT/T, L/C,Paypal, Alipay are avaliable
PackagePE bag+ Carton (Export standard )

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