Stainless Steel Stairs

Stainless Steel Stairs

  • Item Name: Stainless Steel Stairs
  • Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Finish: Brushed/Polished/Customized
  • Thickness: Customized
  • Anti-scratch, anti-oil, anti-bacterial
  • Certificate:ISO9001:2008
  • Inspection: IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
  • Package: Carton, Foam(standard export packing)printing your LOGO is available, special packing is also available

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Stainless Steel Stairs

Stainless steel stairs are increasingly becoming a preferred option among designers, architects, and builders. Metal alloys such as railings can be incorporated with other staircase materials, or the entire staircase can be built with all metal alloy.

Stainless steel stairs can emphasize the originality of exterior or interior design and at the same time add sophistication to appeal to your home.

Stainless Steel Stairs Importance

These days, designers, decorators, and builders work together to create a unique and special interior and exterior design. A stainless staircase combined appearance and functionality it can be a masterpiece. Metal staircases can come in different designs and styles such as stainless steel combined with wood, stone, glass, and other solid materials.

When it comes to stainless steel stairs, end users are faced with challenges in the vast varieties of options. The varieties of designs available can help you to create an elegant interior and exterior design of your house or office.

Stainless Steel Stairs Benefits

Stainless steel stairs are long-term investments. When correctly fabricated and engineered, stairs and staircases made from with stainless steel are economical. They are durable and last longer and does not require regular cleaning and maintenance.

It offers versatility. With the help of skillful engineer and architect, you can come up with original stairs and staircases design.

The design possibilities are endless. Stainless steel can blend in traditional, elegant, simple, or modern interior and exterior décor.

Stainless steel stairs and staircases offer extreme versatility. With the innovations in the fabrication industry that allow steel to be cut, welded, and designed allow builders to custom design variety of sizes and shapes of stairs. Whether your preference is elegant, modern, traditional, or simple, the design and styles possibilities are endless.

Common materials for metal stairs are aluminum and cast iron, but stainless steel is the best for you if you want to have added durability. Stainless steel has a unique aesthetic property and builders closely work with you to find the type of design that will help the best fir your needs.

Essential Features of Stainless Steel Stairs

Aesthetic Appeal – Stainless steel can make your home or office building modern. Its luster and shiny finish make your property appealing in the curb and look professional which is important in presenting your business to your customers.

Minimal Maintenance – Aside from its aesthetic appeal, stainless steel stairs require minimal maintenance only. Unlike wooden staircases, stainless steel stairs do not require varnish, paint, or sealants to maintain the outstanding appeal.

Extremely High Durability – Stainless steel offers maximum durability. Staircases and stairs made from stainless steel required fewer maintenances and built to last. Aside from being functional and attractive due to its glossy finish, it can resist extreme heat and below zero temperature as well as humidity fluctuations. This is the reason why stainless steel is the preferred choice for stairs whether indoors or outdoors.

Simplified Installation – Thanks to the innovative fabrications, stainless steel can now be manufactured to stairs with reduced cost of installation. Plus, steel is highly flexible and can be fabricated in custom specifications. Once fabricated to stairs and staircases, fabrication is a breeze which results to reduced cost.

Resiliency – Stainless steel stairs offer a high level of resilience. Unlike wood, stainless steel is not susceptible to extreme weather changes. Also, its capable of handling weight far excess of wooden staircases and stairs.

Available in Unique Designs – Stainless stairs do not require sealing and staining. Also, they are available in different unique designs and cab to be custom fabricated for your needs. They can be built in traditionally built-up design or spiral design or grandiose that befits a huge house or building.

Flexibility – Stainless steel stairs can be mixed and matched with other materials such as wood and glass for better appeal. With the help of professional stainless steel stairs and staircases fabricators, you can give your house a wow factor that will make it appealing and center of attraction in the curb. Whether you prefer elegant but soft, or hard-edged and industrial, stainless steel alloy can offer you a solution.

Stainless Steel Stairs Applications

Stainless steel stairs can be used in offices, house, shopping malls, sports complexes, business centers and virtually everywhere. They can be straight curved, circular, spiral, flared, floating, landing mid-stair, and more. Stainless steel stairs can be manufactured with glass railings, wooden threads, powder coated, or the entire staircase can be made from stainless steel.

What is the best Stainless Steel Stairs?

Due to the varies of options available many people are often confused about what to choose between custom made and prefabricated stainless steel stairs and staircases. Prefabricated stairs may be the perfect solution if you need stairs that are functional. It can provide a movement going up and going down outside or inside your home. It can suit your needs perfectly and usually cost effective since its easy to install.

Custom made stainless steel stairs are the counterpart of prefabricated stairs. These stairs are made to meet specific requirements. It is the preferred choice of people who want to replicate their original stairs from the old house, fit a staircase in a cramped space, or you simply want to have a unique staircase with the non-traditional shape.

Customer stainless steel stairs can cost you a fortune compared to fabricated stairs, but you can get the look and appeal that you desire for your house while meeting your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

As a homeowner, you want to make your home special and unique to create a convenient, comfortable, and pleasing living environment for you and your family. This means that having a stainless steel stair involves many elements such as your color choice, the style, and the accents you want your staircase to have. Therefore, it is highly important that you do research for the best stainless steel stairs manufacturer to ensure that you get the best of your investment.

For high-quality stainless-steel stairs and staircases prefabricated or customer made, contact Roche now.

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Things You Need to Learn About Stainless Steel Stairs

Stainless Steel Stairs

Modern architecture gives us a closer look at the creative design element of a home or building. Today, home and business owners focus on the aesthetic beauty of their residence or building establishments. Well, stairs aren’t far from the idea of leveling up interior design concepts.

If you want to combine functionality and style to your home, stainless steel stairs offer you excellent design. The high load capacity and diverse design options of stainless steel stairs are perfect for leveling your design concept for your residence.

In this ebook you would know more about stainless steel stairs, how’s it’ made, its benefits and more. You would also discover how to clean and maintain steel stairs. Let’s start.

What Makes Stainless Steel Stairs “Stainless”

Stainless steel stairs are used in varieties of home and buildings. Steel stairs pay an important part in interior design aside from connecting two storey home. One essential part of steel stairs is the stainless steel stairs railing that provides support and safety.

The stair’s railing might be stainless steel material as well, but that depends on you or the design concept you want. The stainless steel railings for stairs add durability to the stairs, so it’s always included in the stair design.

But, do you ever wonder what makes stainless steel stairs “stainless”?

Stainless steels are irons that contain alloy that’s consists of 2 or more elements. Since stainless steel stairs have alloy components, It’s an excellent resistant to stain and rust due to the chromium content in alloys.

If you have stainless steel handrails for stairs, you might notice that the rails are corrosion resistant and durable. It’s due to the anti-corrosion properties of the stainless steel. More building and homeowners have steel stairs because it’s also good in high humidity environments.

Stainless steel stairs are also ductile that results to its many stairs design and style. In being stainless, you can expect that these stairs are strong to hold heavy loads. You gain satisfaction in installing stainless steel stars due to extended lifespan. It’s the result of the stainless feature of the stairs.

Also, stainless steel stairs have high resistance to the crevice and pitting corrosion due to its balanced amounts of austenite and ferrite. You might also observe that your stairs are safe from cracks that are because of the chloride stress corrosion. Due to its stainless steel elements, steel stairs are popular in homes and big establishments around the world.

The Making of Stainless Steel Stairs

Now that you know what makes stainless steel stainless let’s proceed to the making of these steel stairs. Anyone with basic carpentry skill could make stairs. But, you need to plan a layout and make accurate calculations.

You need to follow building codes to ensure you make the right stairs. It also goes the same with stainless steel stairs handrail that requires accuracy and attention on your part. Tall steps are difficult to climb while shallow steps are uncomfortable for home and building owners.

So, you need to follow strict guidelines to ensure that building stainless steel stairs is successful. Here are the following steps in making steel stairs:

The Basic Staircase Anatomy

Stairs installers are familiar with the three main staircase components – stringers, the treads, and the risers. The stringers are essential so that the stairs support your weight. Remember: you make the stairs wide so that it’s comfortable to use. You can see the treads on the stairs top surface while the risers are under the lip of the treads.

First Step: Calculate the Rise an Run

The rise of the stainless steel for stairs refers to the height of the stairs. You use a straight cardboard from the edge of the stairs for you to measure the total height. For the run, you derive your information from the measurement of the rise.

Next, you multiply the steps by the run that would give you a measurement of 10 inches. That’s the right measurement that allows you to build the right treads.

Second Step: Cut the Stringers

Since stringers are important stainless steel stairs parts, you have to cut it correctly so that the staircase wouldn’t face problems. Installers attach the stringers to the staircase joints so that the framing is accurate.

Then, you mark the tread notches using stair gauges. You make identical notches that are prefect to achieve the stairs’ right dimension. You also have to achieve an accurate measurement when you’re also making stainless steel balusters stairs.

Remember that you need to trim the stringer’s bottom that should be equal to the thickness of the tread. Installers use the first stringer to mark the remaining stringers. It serves as an effective template to make the stairs making process superb.

Third Step: Install the Risers and Treads

Before you install the risers, you need to cut it accurately so that it matches the stringers. If you’re making stainless steel balusters for stairs, the risers play an important for the stairs to achieve a finished look.

After the risers’ installation process, you fasten the treads using screws. You leave a few spaces for the treads so that the stairs have extra support. Then, you can add stainless steel spindles for stairs, posts or rails depending on your preference.

Common Myths About Stainless Steel Stairs

A home or office building wouldn’t be complete without stainless steel stairs. If you want to add beauty to your home’s interior, then it’s a good choice to install stainless steel stairs to your home. It’s aesthetic appeal and functionality has attracted most homeowners to use it.

But, did you know about the common myths about stainless steel stairs? One of these myths pertains to the discovery of stainless steel itself. According to legends, the stainless steel was discovered accidentally by Harry Brearley, a British metallurgist. Brearly first discovered the existence of alloy on stainless steel when he noticed that the steel he was supposed to throw hadn’t rusted.

Since the 1800s, chromium that’s added to steel makes stainless steel corrosion resistant. So, people who want to build durable and strong stairs for their homes use stainless steel stairs. But, even if people knew that steel stairs are corrosion resistant, it can still face corrosion in the long years.

Installers who build stainless steel spiral stairs favor to also use steel parts on the rails and balustrade to add strength and support for the stairs. Another myth tells that stair nosing provides visibility to people that proves true today.

The stainless steel stair nosing for concrete stairs offers people good visibility of the stairs tread. Even if there’s poor lighting, you would see the tread clearly due to stair nosing. Today, nosing does more than protection to the homeowner. It also protects the treads from damage due to constant use.

These common stainless steel stairs myths don’t affect people’s fascination to use steel stairs. Even if building owner wants stainless steel and glass stair for his or her building, he or she wouldn’t doubt the steel stairs functionality.

Today, more people turn to stainless steel stairs installation for their homes. It proves that with or without myths, steel stairs serve with a purpose.

Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Stairs

Now that you have an idea of some common stainless steel stairs myths let’s now turn to the steel stairs advantages. Steel stairs are an excellent choice for designers and builders due to excellent reasons. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, people always ask for stainless steel stairs price. People want to install stainless steel stairs due to the following advantages:

Excellent Versatility

Interior design is limitless, so designers and builders continue to discover new ways to level up a home or building’s ambiance. Well, stainless steel stairs give installers chances to improve a home’s interior. You can construct different sizes and shapes from steel stairs.

Whether it’s simple to the elegant stainless steel stairs design, you experience satisfaction in installing steel stairs. The design concepts for steel stairs are endless so you can expect to see more designs on steel stairs in the following years.

Simple and Fast Maintenance

Unlike wood stairs, metal stairs don’t need varnish or paint to make it clean. For example, you can enjoy the satisfaction of having stainless steel wire stairs for many years without applying paint. Metal stairs always provide a beautiful appearance even if you don’t apply sealant on it.

Another good thing about steel stairs is it’s easy to clean. The cleaning and maintenance process only takes a few minutes, so it’s comfortable to clean the stairs.

Excellent Durability At All Times

If you want to build stainless steel pool stairs, you can also expect the durability of the metal stairs. Steel stairs are typical for its high resistance to corrosion and rust. Even in high humidity rooms, the stainless steel glass stairs prove effective to overcome excellent temperature.

Since metal stairs are durable, you expect to use it for many years. Yes, the steel stairs serve every home and building owner with reliable functionality for many years.

Corrosion Resistant for Many Years

Stainless steel has a chromium element that makes the stairs corrosion resistant. For example, the stainless steel rods for stairs are ideal for adding to the staircase because it’s corrosion resistant. You expect to see no rust on the stairs for a long time.
You can also use a mop on the stairs that makes the cleaning and maintenance process easy. People who install stainless steel side steps 4×4 always see good results on metal stairs due to its non-corrosion benefits.

Fast Metal Stairs Setup

Compared to other stairs, it’s a hassle-free on your part to set up metal stairs. Installers follow easy and simple steps that allow the installers to complete the stairs set up right away. The metal stairs construction needs to be accurate, so builders make the height and width of the stairs are correct.

The stainless steel stairs for sale you see online provide an excellent setup that most buyers like. The stainless steel stairs provide you the assurance that aesthetic and functionality is present in your home or office. The stainless steel handrails for stairs in Kerala are also a good example of metal stairs that are easy to set up.

Security is Offered Always

Interior design not only focuses on beauty and perfection but also the safety and security of the people using the stairs. Experts say that metal stairs are safer compared to other stairs. Why? Slip accidents are lower on metal stairs than wood or glass stairs. One of the reasons for these is the stainless steel stair construction and design.

Most stainless steel stairs manufacturers claim that metal stairs are softer than concrete. So, if you fall accidentally on the stairs, you wouldn’t suffer big injuries.

What Are The Best Railings For Stainless Steel Stairs?

Stainless Stairs

The advantages of metal stairs show that other staircase parts are also essential to make metal stairs achieve its functionality. Many stainless steel stairs suppliers give you tips on the best railings that look good on your metal stairs.

You’re free to select from the different railing options that also adds beauty to your home or office. Installers can give you full detail of the railings that meet your preference, and you can read about those railing types on this book.
So, let’s now go to the best railings you can use on your metal stairs.

Wooden Railing

Wood makes a good combination with metal depending on the design and shape of the rail. It’s up to your preference what wooden railing or design you like to include on the staircase. Most homeowners pick shiny woods and apply seal or paint to It that match the design of the metal stairs.

Wooden railings also come in unique decorative shapes that depend on the structure of the stairs. You can also make wood a replacement for stainless steel balustrade stairs if you like it. But, you need to remember to keep good maintenance of wooden railings for it to last for many years.

Iron Railings

If you’re looking for style on your staircase, iron railings are excellent choices to add to your metal stairs. You can combine iron railings with wood railings to achieve beautiful effects on the staircase. Iron railings come in different sizes and colors that make a unique impression on your home or building.

Also, you can level up stainless steel fabrication stairs using iron railings. How? Iron railings provide a strong and stylish effect on the stairs that make it look amazing. Like metal railings, iron railings are perfect for stainless steel stairs due to its easy maintenance. You can clean or wipe the railings and expect a shiny appearance.

Since iron railings are easy to maintain, it doesn’t create a hole in your wallet. You would save a lot and no worries about additional maintenance costs

Glass Railings

Do you want to add appeal to your stainless steel stairs? Then, it’s a good choice to add glass railings on the stairs. You see and feel a sense of sophistication as you install the glass railings. It’s perfect if you want to create a unique ambiance on your home or office building.

Glass railings have decorative edges that add to its style and attractive look. The polished edges of the glass also provide safety to people who use the stairs. You can buy stainless steel stairs for sale that have iron railings. It depends on you or your home’s design if iron railings are good for your taste.

If you have extra budget, stainless steel stairs with glass are an excellent choice for your home. But, you need to remember that glass railings are difficult to maintain so you have to put extra care in cleaning it. Glass railings aren’t strong enough compared to metal railings, so you need to be careful in cleaning the rails.

Personalized Stainless Steel Stairs Designs

Since you already know the best railings you can include on your staircase, let’s take a look at the personalized steel stairs designs. Here, you would have a clear idea on the excellent designs that match the appeal of your stairs. Whether it’s a simple or elegant design, you have the edge to make your home look awesome.

If you don’t have any idea of the design you would choose, you ask for advice from experts. They would give you guidelines about the design that’s perfect for your home’s ambiance. From here, you can think of the proper ways to select a design that meets your needs.
Here are examples of personalized designs you can select that would level up your home’s beauty.

Stainless Steel Stairs With Glass

Glass designs on your metal stairs add appeal and elegance that even your guests would love to see. You can customize glass railings and balustrade by adding decorative etchings. The decoration depends on you.


Homeowners are free to add unique designs depending on staircase appearance they want to achieve. The glass railing’s polished edges are a good example of additional designs you can improve during the stairs construction. Remember: you need to let an expert handle the installation of designs on the glass because glass is a delicate material.


Stainless Steel Stairs With Wood

Wood staircase design involves excellent craftsmanship so expect these wood designs are good for your staircase. Few examples of wood designs you have are wooden balustrade or railings. You can hire excellent artisans to do the work and make the design you want into reality.


For example, wooden railings for stainless steel for stairs complement the high quality of a home’s interior design. You can choose from different sizes and shapes for a wooden railing that makes the staircase’s design unique. But, you keep in mind that metal stairs with wood require maintenance.


Also, you need to apply the paint to keep the wood’s surface shiny and in good condition. If you have more wood materials on your stairs, you need to have an extra budget for the maintenance costs.

The design concept for the stairs gives you a unique home interior. Before you select design types, you make sure that the design you would choose is good for your home. If you own a building, you follow of the building codes before you focus on the steel stairs design. It helps you to achieve satisfaction every time you use the stairs.

Also, the design on stainless steel stairs provides security to people. So, you make sure the design you would select doesn’t affect your safety while climbing or walking down the stairs.

What Makes Stainless Steel Stairs Versatile

Stainless Steels Stairs are installed in the home and office buildings around the world due to the customized design you can select. But, the popularity of metal stairs doesn’t end with the personalized designs you can create.

What about the versatility of the metal stairs? Steel stairs aren’t only durable or stylish but also versatile. But, its versatility doesn’t affect the stainless steel for stairs price. Why? Since it’s stainless, you expect it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Also, the stainless steel nosing to stairs, for example, gives you safety other an excellent design. As you can see, metal stairs are safe to use and add beauty to your home. People who are looking for sophistication can also install stainless steel stairs grill design. It proves that metal stairs offer different design options.

Here are the following reasons that make stainless steel stairs versatile:

Different Selection of Shapes and Sizes

For homeowners, staircases not only connect two storey houses but also give offers divers shapes and sizes of rails to make the stair more attractive. From the traditional or modern concepts, different sizes and shapes provide metal stairs unique look.

For example, you can customize the stainless steel stairs railing design to make it appear more appealing to your home. Office buildings also have a personal touch if you install metal stairs.


Steel Stairs Are Perfect With Other Design Materials

One great thing about stainless steel is you can combine it with design materials. Have you tried to add wood in the railing of your stairs? Do you see your neighbor mix glass railing with metal stairs? Do you love the effect it does on a home?


That’s enough reason for you prove the versatility of metal stairs. Most homeowners and business owner are satisfied in combining wood or any material with steel. From simple to the elegant design, metal staircases offer you limitless design concepts you can choose to have.


Complement’s A Home of Building Design

Interior designers are particular with the unique design they can use to level up a home or building’s ambiance. The combination of wood or glass to metal stairs provides different designs that match the appearance of your residence.
Since you can customize the stair design, you’re sure that any staircase has an awesome look you love to see. The different materials you can choose for the stair’s railing or balustrade shows that stainless steel stairs are versatile for every home or office.

Where to Look For the Most Reliable Stainless Steel Manufacturer And Installer

The increasing number of stainless steel stair users around the world open up opportunities for stainless steel providers and installers. The stainless steel providers serve large clients in different parts of the globe.

If you’re in need of quality stainless steel stairs, there are qualified stainless steel installers who are willing to help you have the best metal stairs. But, where do you find the most reliable stainless steel provide an installer?

Well, the internet is an excellent place where you can look for reliable stainless steel manufacturers. Here, you can search for stainless steel companies that are trusted steel builders. You can read consumer’s reviews about the company you like.

Then, you call the company’s service hotline to inquire about a company’s service. Clients are welcome to investigate other offerings about stainless steel that allows them to use stainless steel in different applications.

What about stainless steel stairs?

Aside from the internet, the best places to look for metal stairs providers are countries where stainless steel and other metals are formed. Asian countries and European countries have reliable stainless steel manufacturers and installers. Besides the excellent service, you also gain affordable stainless steel stairs price.

Customers who are looking for quality and durable stainless steel stairs railing could visit their trusted company’s website and check the other information there. Other customers can go to trusted alloy and iron builders in their area for them to gain good quality stainless steel stairs.

Are Stainless Steel Stairs Costlier Than Other Types of Stairs

Since you know where to find reliable stainless steel manufacturers, you might be thinking about the metal steel stairs price.
Do metal stairs cost much than other types of stairs?

Well, that depends on the tread material and design of the stairs. Some steel stairs manufacturer offer $100 or more step and $50 or more per tread. You expect that the metal stairs price is higher than other stairs when you combine metal with other materials.
For example, metal stairs that have glass railings have a higher price than metal stairs with wooden railings. Why? Glass railings have intricate edges that add cost to the stair installation. The stainless steel stairs design might give you a low or high price depending on the design you choose.

The price for straight metal stairs installation is $1000 to $2000, but it can result in thousands more for spiral staircases. If there are additional stainless steel stairs parts, you have to pay for an extra price for it. Wooden railings tend to cost a little compared to glass railing.

Wooden stairs aren’t that much costly compared to metal stairs. But, you need to have extra cash regarding the maintenance of wooden stairs. You can find the reasonable price of metal stairs in stainless steel stairs the Philippines.

If you’re on a budget about the price of stainless steel stairs, you select a design that uses affordable materials. You also take note of the size of your house because if it’ small, you need to select a small staircase. If you choose big metal stairs, you expect the stainless steel stairs cost to be higher than other types of stairs.

How Hard Is Stainless Steel Stairs Cleaning And Maintenance?

You already know why stainless steel stairs are pricey than other types of stairs. Now, let’s proceed to the metal stairs cleaning and maintenance. Like other things you have in the house, metal stairs could get dirty and dusty in time. As the home or office owner, you must do stairs cleaning and maintenance to keep your stairs in good condition.

For example, stainless steel stairs grill could have smudges if you don’t wipe or clean it. You also need to assure the stairs cleanliness for you to achieve an excellent lifestyle.

Now we come to the question that’s probably running into your mind:

Are Stainless Steel Stairs Difficult to Clean?

Well, the truth is, steel stairs are very easy to clean. You can use water and soap to remove the smudges and fingerprints on the stairs. You wipe corners and edges of the stairs with a wet cloth, and you expect good results. You make sure that there’s no chloride on the cleaners you’re using as it might affect the condition of the stairs.

What Do You need to Do With Difficult to Remove Scratches and Stains?

Stainless steel stairs might not only have fingerprints but also hard to remove scratches or stains. Your soap and water aren’t enough to remove the stains. Don’t worry! You can use cleaners such a Scotch Brite to remove the stains. Take note: you need to scrub in the direction of the scratches for you to remove it.

After the stain is removed, you apply cleaner and wipe the stairs with soft cloth make the steel shine again. You do this process in other parts of the metal stairs, and you would achieve satisfaction.

How to Remove Rust on Stainless Steel Stairs?

You have read that stainless steel is rust resistant, but it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t face corrosion. When you live in areas that have high contaminant, you might expect the metal stairs to face corrosion. In this case, it’s best to use cleaners that are designed to remove the rust from the stairs.

The natural protective layer of the steel stairs would be repaired when you use high quality cleaners. As you apply the cleaner, you would observe that the stainless steel would be free from corrosion. You can ask your stainless steel stairs manufacturer about the cleaners that are suitable for your metal stairs. You would receive tip and guideline about the proper cleaners you need to use.
Also, it’s best that you take immediate action on this matter so that rusts or stain wouldn’t damage the stairs. You can also buy cleaning kits from trusted cleaner provides so that you don’t face problems cleaning your metal stairs.

Stainless Steel Stairs Maintenance

If you’re particular with the cleanliness of the steel stairs, you need to do regular cleaning to prevent corrosive elements to damage the stairs. Rusts and smudges would be removed as you clean the stairs with water and soap. You can also apply wax and other protectants on the stairs to make the maintenance process successful.

But, you need to remember that not all geographical locations have the same temperature or humidity, so you need to pay attention to your maintenance program. It would give you a good idea about the specific type of cleaners you would use.

What Should You Not Do?

If there are correct cleaning and maintenance guidelines, there are also things you should not do when cleaning your stainless steel stairs. Keep in mind that the metal stairs play an integral part of the interior design of your home. You should avoid doing the following always to keep stainless steel stairs in good condition.

Avoid using steel sandpaper or steel wool when you’re cleaning the railing. It’s best to stick to the Scotch Brite so that you would gain excellent results. Steel wool might damage the stairs surface.

Don’t use chlorine solutions when you’re cleaning your railing. Chlorine has a negative effect on the stain steel stairs that might damage the stairs.

Don’t use muriatic acids when you clean railing or the balustrade of the stair. It’s wise to stick to the approved cleaners so that you’re sure that cleaning your stairs is successful.

If you have difficulty cleaning other types of stairs such as stainless steel spiral stairs, you contact experts now. The experts provide you with accurate advice about the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel stairs.


Every home or building establishment needs stainless steel stairs that adds appeal and decoration to home or building. Metal stairs are essential not only for interior design purposes but also security and safety reasons as well.

So, you make sure to include stainless steel stairs in your design concept and get ready to achieve a happy lifestyle all the time.