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SS604 Stainless Steel Shelves Commercial

  • Item Type: SS604
  • Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Finish: Brushed/Polished/Customized
  • Thickness: 1.0mm/Customized
  • Anti-scratch, anti-oil, anti-bacterial
  • Inspection: IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
  • Printing your LOGO is available, special packing is also available
  • Delivery: 15-30 working days after received the deposit

Your Premier Stainless Steel Shelves Manufacturer

Stainless steel shelves are long-lasting and durable. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly as steel is recyclable. Innovations in the fabrication industry have allowed stainless steel to be designed by cutting, welding, molding, and processing like the traditional steel and other types of metals. Steel is also resistant to corrosion, and this is an edge when talking about kitchen cabinetry. Food preparation involves processes of using acids, a lot of water and you don’t have to worry about splashes of water or the lemon juice spilling over the cabinet or rack.


Another reason why stainless steel shelf is the best option for your kitchen storage needs is that it can resist extremely high temperature and at the same time recognized for its antimicrobial properties. Steel does not have pores, resistant to dirt and does not crack. These are the reasons why stainless steel is the first choice for kitchens, restaurants, and hospitals.


The aesthetic appeal of stainless steel cabinets and shelves makes them perfect for modern interior designs because of their shiny and attractive look. Stainless steel can be combined with other materials such as wood and used in designing various interior designs. Stainless steel works best with glass, wood, leather, stone, painted surfaces, and the list goes on. Steel can emphasize the geometric shapes of kitchen furniture and appliances.


If stainless steel has a disadvantage, that would be the price. It is not cheap but available in affordable price depending on the steel gauge, weight, and design. Also, it is susceptible to scratching. However, this can be avoided if you refrain from placing sharp objects on them.


Notable Features of Stainless Steel Shelves
Stainless steel furniture and appliances have become a staple in the restaurant industry and commercial kitchens for many years due to their easy to clean and rugged construction. This is the primary reason why end users are turning to stainless steel so they can experience the same benefits in their homes. Here the essential features of stainless steel shelves and cabinets.


Durable – Kitchen shelves must carry heavy objects, and stainless steel can do this job.


Long Lasting – Shelves and cabinets should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of busy use of kitchen at home. Your shelves will not easily scratch when hit by a sharp object or accidental collisions with utensils or cooking tools. It will not rust despite storing damp equipment on it. This can make your shelves look new longer.


Easy to Clean – Stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean. Simply wipe off spills or dull polish surface using water and a clean rag. You must use lukewarm water and mild soap if you want to keep your stainless steel shelves shiny and tidy.


Dirt and Germs Resistant – Because its non-porous, it is resistant to lingering bacteria and gems compared to plastic and wood surfaces. Its antimicrobial properties make steel perfect home settings with pets and children. To make sure you create a safe area for food processing for your family, use a disinfectant cleaner to sanitize the surface.


Flexibility- Stainless steel can match any décor. Its neutral look allows it to complement almost all home settings. Whether you have marble countertops, granite cupboards, wooden cabinets, or laminate table, stainless steel shelve can blend seamlessly.


Coordinate Easily – Due to its increasing popularity, stainless steel can easily coordinate with other appliances at home. You can find handles, knobs, drawers, cabinets, and appliances made with steel elements. You may also install stainless steel faucet, sinks, or backsplash to provide your kitchen a modern look.


Additional Features of Stainless Steel Shelves


Can be used in any kitchen design.
Available in different sizes and designs
Sold almost in every home improvement stores and online stores
Extended warranty from dealers and manufacturers
Easy to use
No complicated installation processes


Stainless steel shelves are not just limited to kitchen use. You may also buy stainless steel shelves to add more storage to your bathroom or toilet for keeping it neat and clutter-free. In your bedroom to store your personal belongings in one place, or in the living room to provide ample storage space for your appliances and decors.


Admit it, stainless steel is expensive because of is durability and stability. The fabrication process of stainless steel which involves so many processes makes more expensive.


However, the price is not the bases for determining the best shelves for you. The best stainless steel shelves are those that meet your needs without you having to break your bank. This means that you should consider your needs the space that you have for the shelves. What’s the point of having attractive and durable shelving if it’s taking up almost the entire space in your kitchen or room? You must make sure that it gives you enough storage space without being too huge for your kitchen.


For high-quality stainless-steel shelves, choose Roche. For more information about our products contact us now.

Product ModelSS604 Stainless Steel Shelves Commercial
Material304 Stainless Steel
Standard or NonstandardStandard
InspectionIQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
Delivery Time15-30 working days after received the deposit
Sample ChargeIn stock sample is free(But the freight will be covered by your side)
PaymentT/T, L/C,Paypal, Alipay are avaliable
PackagePE bag+ Carton (Export standard )

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